Indige-FEWSS Research

Graphic depicting coupled solar nanofiltration, brine management and controlled environment agriculture unit.

The overall research theme is the development of novel and sustainable solutions for off-grid production of safe drinking water, brine management operations, and controlled environment agriculture systems. This includes research in innovative photovoltaics; holographics; sensors and controls; unit operation technologies; and material, device, and systems resiliency. Specifically, Indige-FEWSS will build upon the following research activities:  

  1. Novel photovoltaic materials and technologies for Controlled Environment Agriculture 
  2. Management of coupled natural-human systems for production of fit-for-use water from brackish groundwater 

The expected outcomes are:  

  1. Transformative advances in sustainable water and agricultural systems are achieved through graduate student driven transdisciplinary research. 
  2. Indigenous communities are directly involved in the development and piloting of the systems and are trained effectively to be able to inherit and maintain the systems. 

Read our team's peer-reviewed research publications on the Publications page!

Find information about the pilot systems and our FEWS training materials in the sections below.


Deploying solar panels of nanofiltration unit at Dine' College Land Grant Office

Solar Nanofiltration Unit

Reviewing data loggers in the hoop house at Dine' College Land Grant Office

Greenhouse + SNF Unit

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Discussing Food-Energy-Water training modules with Dine' College students

FEW Training Modules

Dine' College students explain how the solar nanofiltration unit purifies water for drinking

Extension Bulletins

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