Solar NanoFiltration Unit Resources

Check out these resources to operate, repair and maintain an IndigeFEWSS solar nanofiltration unit. 


In partnership with Diné College, the Indige-FEWSS team designed and built a solar-powered nano filtration (SNF) unit to purify water for potable use. We envision these units being used by households and communities that do not have access to piped/municipal water. Units also provide an energy source for household appliances. The Indige-FEWSS team provides training for both building and deploying/maintaining the SNF units. 


Watch this video for an in-depth explanation of the SNF unit through practical application! 

Thanks to our students and faculty:

Video capture and edits: Sarah E. Abney, PhD Yaser Medhipour Christopher Yazzie JoRee LaFrance Abolhassan Mohammadi Fathabad, PhD Torran Anderson Dr. Bob Arnold

Click here to access the SNF User Manual!

SNF User Manual